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Montague Area Public Schools

Livestreaming Athletic Events

Project Summary

In August 2020, Montague Area Public Schools approached CatchMark Technologies to help them find a solution to a viewership issue caused by the current COVID restrictions established by MHSAA and the state of Michigan. Currently, the restrictions only allowed for 2 fans per player to watch any athletic event live and in person. CatchMark and MAPS wanted the families and community members to have the opportunity to view any athletic event throughout the fall season. 

CatchMark offered to purchase equipment and help run a Livestream at all home athletic events for the fall 2020 season. In order to do this, YouTube accounts had to be created to have a standard consistant link for viewers to watch. Those links are below. (Football) (NBC Athletics) (Volleyball) (Boys Soccer) (Cross Country)


Service Areas Addressed

  • CatchMark Gives Back
  • Connectivity Services
    • Audio and Video Systems
    • Networking