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There is a lot that goes into providing tech support, solutions, and consulting to businesses. There is more to it than the phrase everyone loves to hear “Did you reboot?” When you want to go above and beyond for your customers even more goes into what is done and how it is done.

Starting in February, CatchMark will be starting the All About Technology podcast and posting episodes twice a month. Season one will be eight episodes around 30 minutes each. The goal of the podcast is to have fun, nerd out, and share the amazing stuff we do on a daily basis. Jeff Burel, Directing Partner of Tech Services will be the host. Each episode will feature different topics and guests. The guests will be a mix of members of the Tech Services Team, customers, and anyone else we can convince to sit in with us.

Watch our social media sites in February to catch the first episode where Jeff is joined by tech support leads Bob Yonkman and Phil Oegema. They will be discussing what CatchMark offers for tech support, over delivery, and what it means to be a PROBLEM SOLVER at CatchMark.