Defining biometric authentication and exploring its benefits

In today’s digital age, keeping our personal information safe is more crucial than ever. That’s where biometric authentication steps in, offering a secure and convenient way to safeguard our data. But what exactly is biometric authentication and why is it gaining so much attention? What is biometric authentication? Biometric authentication uses unique physical or behavioral […]

Interns: Why they are important for students and businesses

At CatchMark, we are always looking for a win-win situation. With customers, vendors, and yes – even with our interns. Why? I will explain that below. Internships are an opportunity to network with great people and sharpen your skills before entering the workforce. They also help with figuring out your true passion. Companies often look […]

How many G’s does my mobile phone need?

Understanding the technology behind your mobile device. I believe by now almost everyone has seen an ad about upgrading their mobile device to one that is 5G compatible. Not you? Give it time, especially now that I brought it to your attention. Is your phone 5G compatible? What does that mean and do I need […]

Need help with Windows 11? Here are some tips

There are some helpful features within this operating system that you don’t want to overlook. When purchasing a new PC, it will come with Windows 11 and can be overwhelming. Among some changes: The start button has moved, the menus look different, and how you organize the desktop. I am going to share some tips […]