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Technology problem solvers

Our team at CatchMark is known for being technology problem solvers. We even went as far as putting it on our vehicles. Recently, we’ve been tackling a new problem: How can we improve school scoreboards while keeping costs in mind? We’re excited to share that we’ve found a solution. The solution is gaining recognition for its innovation. CatchMark’s Innovative Video Wall Scoreboard Solution is coming to a school near you.

Being disruptive

There is a term that fits what CatchMark has done in this space: Disruptive technology. This term is defined on as “an innovation that significantly alters the way that consumers, industries, or businesses operate.”

Some examples of disruptive technologies are online news sites, ride-sharing apps, and GPS systems. This might not be as disruptive as those, but it is disruptive.

History of digital scoreboards

Many of us have attended high school sporting events and observed the familiar fixed-digit scoreboards. These scoreboards typically feature digital control over aspects like the score and the clock, while the rest remains fixed.

Renowned for their simplicity and durability, these scoreboards have been a fixture at sporting events since the early 1900s, adorning gymnasiums and stadiums worldwide. Yet, with the advancement of technology, the question arises: Why can’t something be done at a price point that works for schools?

What does the future hold?

Professional arenas and stadiums have huge digital-video scoreboards. There is no way to do that at a high school level without donations, right? Wrong!

Several schools in the area already have digital-video scoreboards. What CatchMark has done is leverage our problem-solving skills, technology knowledge, and desire to help people to design a solution that has high-quality video, at a price point that we feel is more affordable for schools than other solutions, and is easy to use and maintain.

Our solution

At the March 2024 Montague Area Public Schools board meeting, the board deliberated on scoreboard replacements for their soccer and football fields. They solicited bids for both fixed-digit and video-wall scoreboards, ultimately opting for video-wall installations for both fields. CatchMark submitted the lowest bid and secured the contract.

Before presenting the bids to the school board, the district administration publicly opened all sealed bids. CatchMark, present at the meeting, found it gratifying to hear that its bid for the video-wall scoreboards was significantly lower than those of other vendors. This reaffirmed the competitiveness of CatchMark’s solution regardless of the board’s decision.

The video-wall solutions will be installed at the Montague fields over the summer and be in place for the start of the fall sports season in August 2024.

How to learn more

If you’re a school administrator interested in discovering more about this solution, feel free to reach out to Jeff Burel, Directing Partner – Tech Services, at [email protected] or 616.710.2318.

We have an indoor scoreboard set up in our office that we’d be delighted to demonstrate for you at no charge. We can also provide you with a proposal to design and implement a digital video wall at your school.

Visit our website to see our recently updated portfolio of projects we have completed in the tech space for customers.