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Like many worldwide, I love to play games.

One of the many mediums to do that is through PC gaming. PC gaming and, in turn, PC building is something that I have fallen in love with from the time I was a middle schooler.

I built my first PC right before graduation with some old parts I was able to scrap together. This leads me to today. I had the fortunate opportunity to work with both the 4070 and the 4070 Super, both of which are incredible GPUs that fall almost perfectly into the 40 series line. With all that said, I should let the benchmarks show you this card’s performance. I have attached benchmarks for the following games:

  • Fortnite (1440p, High)
  • Ark: Survival Ascended (1440p, High, DLSS on Quality)
  • Rainbow Six Siege (1440p, Ultra)
  • Counter-Strike 2 (1440p, Ultra)
  • Company of Heroes 3 (1440p, High)

I understand that this might not be the most traditional suite of testing games, but I think that this will encapsulate a variety of game engines and game genres.

For transparency purposes, I have also included the specs of desktop that was used for testing:

  • Motherboard – MSI: MAG B650 Tomahawk WIFI
  • CPU – AMD: Ryzen 7 7800X3D
  • CPU Cooler – Cooler Master: Hyper 212 Blackout Edition
  • Hard Drive – Samsung: 980 Pro
  • OS – Windows 11 Pro
  • 4070 – MSI: Ventus 3X OC
  • 4070 Super – NVIDIA Founders Edition


Starting at $600 MSRP at initial launch and now dropping to $550 MSRP, the 4070 has been the “middle-of-the-road” option for the past year. It has been now overshadowed a bit by the 4070 Super’s release, but don’t be fooled: This card can still perform. For $550, this is a respectable option.

4070 Super

Releasing on Jan. 17, 2024, the 4070 Super was promised upwards of 20 percent performance uplifts in some games. Starting price is $600 MSRP. For only $50 more, does this card stack up? How does it handle the same games as the 4070? If it does, will the 4070 Super take the mid-range, performance crown?

One thing that has not been mentioned is how slick this card looks. The black on black for the founders edition was a great styling option and makes the SUPER series of GPU really stand out.


As you can see, not anything crazy in performance uplift. Roughly 10-20 percent across the board. However, for only $50 more, this is a well-rounded option and replaces the existing 4070 really well.

If you are playing games at 1440p or 1080p, then this is a great option with its 12GB of VRAM and increased volume of hardware across the board. If you are looking to upgrade from something in the 10 or 20 series cards, this would prove a meaningful uplift.