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A guide to excellent Microsoft Teams use.

CatchMark utilizes Teams for virtually everything we can. It’s our messaging application for communicating between coworkers and clients, our phone system for calls and video meetings, and our shared files for customer resources and projects. We link other tools like Microsoft Planner, so project management is easily done from the same place we do everything else, which keeps all our customer projects and files in one easily accessible place. We can even request and approve time off via Teams thanks to our Vacation Tracker integration.
Customers can use Teams for better collaboration and communication. Many customers we work with don’t know how easy it is to create separate Teams and use them to organize departments, projects and even things like thoughts and ideas. Additionally, there are tools like Whiteboard that can be used for collaborating in meetings. There is also a vast library of apps (Microsoft and otherwise) that integrate into Teams.
We have helped businesses streamline their collaboration efforts by using Teams instead of traditional file shares. Rather than coming back into the office to manually transfer documents between computers, our customers have been able to access all their documents in Teams wherever they have an internet connection – whether it be on a phone, tablet, or computer.  This increase in efficiency has helped our clients grow their businesses and become better organized with their data.
Communication on any level of a business is critical — from your two-man operation, all the way to large corporations. We have had to learn to lay a foundation in excellent communication to assist our customers. Laying the groundwork and centralizing communication tools is the first step, and the earlier it is done, the better off a business will be as it grows. CatchMark believes that Microsoft Teams is an excellent and scalable communication tool set, which is why we love helping others learn the platform. CatchMark’s unique approach to service allows us to partner with you and help learn your needs, so we can help you set up a plan that will work for you both now and in the future.

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