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We have each become mobile computing centers with an ever-revolving network of devices helping us to manage every aspect of our personal and work life. Each of these devices needs to be maintained, repaired, and managed if they are to be relied upon. Whether it is a computer, server, printer, keyboard, or mouse, CatchMark Tech Services has a proven and dependable process for ensuring your assets are available when you need them. Our wireless and network experts have built stable and reliable solutions for all manner of wired and wireless requirements.

Most small to medium businesses have a vision of where they would like to be but struggle with where to invest their precious resources. Through personal and authentic interaction, CatchMark delivers credible advice to our customers to help them achieve their short and long-term goals. Our mission is to solve complex business and technical problems utilizing established, genuine, ingenuity.

CatchMark Technologies officially began its life in 2013 but has been around for much longer. CatchMark traces its roots to the dairy industry where it served as a branch of Ag Business Solutions (ABS). As a division of ABS, the primary mission of the business was to provide tech support for a large dairy cooperative located throughout the Midwestern United States. Through sincerity, honesty, and dependability CatchMark was able to help farmers achieve their vision of providing low-cost, high-quality dairy products to consumers nationwide. CatchMark continues to support these same customers but decided in 2013 that we wanted to share what we had learned along the way with everyone and so CatchMark Technologies was born.

There are four pieces that makeup tech services. Support, solutions, connectivity, and consulting.


Technology provides value only when operating properly. Most SMBs don’t have the internal expertise or time needed to maintain their systems correctly. CMT can help by providing complete or supplemental technology support to any environment.

Application & cloud, backup & recovery, mobile, network, server, telecommunications, end-user & workstation


Business and technology are constantly evolving. New solutions are needed to stay profitable and efficient. CMT has a team dedicated to taking your business idea and transforming it into a technology advantage or simply helping to better utilize existing products.

Development, engineering, and implementation


Connectivity is the glue that binds all digital solutions, and it comes in many shapes and sizes. Without connectivity hardware becomes useless, the software is inefficient, and smart solutions turn dumb. CMT has a team of experts at delivering the dynamic solutions and connectivity the business needs.

Access control systems, audio/video solutions, business/home automation, fiber deployment, sound masking, structured cabling, surveillance solutions, wireless systems


Business owners are experts at wearing multiple hats and this often occurs with technology. This practice can lead to poor tech planning, operation, and efficiency. Get the most out of your technology investments by engaging with CMT’s professional technologist.

Management consulting, analyses & assessment, project management, and Virtual Director / CIO

Tech Services is focused on over delivery to our customers. This is one thing that sets us apart from our competition. We solve complex business and technical problems utilizing established, genuine, ingenuity. To do this our team is held to high standards and welcomes the challenge to always improve and provide a high level of service to our customers. We review our goals and metrics monthly to track our progress and keep on track to meet and hopefully exceed our goals and customers’ expectations.